We deliver what we promise

American Tradition Custom Homes provides the guidance and personal attention to each homeowner as though we’re building a home for ourselves or our family members. We work with you through every process, whether you are building a new home for the first time or already had the experience of building a home. If I call a company for customer service I don’t want an automated system that I need to repeat the same information five times. I want personal attention by a representative that understands my needs, concerns and even frustrations. We provide personal service with highly qualified construction professionals that in many cases build lasting relationships past the completion of the home. That personal connection with each homeowner translates to small important details being completed just right and the best finished home possible. We take pride that we’ve built more homes from referrals by happy homeowners than any marketing program.

Experienced CMs with Continued Education

While we provide exceptional Standard Features in every home, the quality of your custom home is not only determined by the materials creating your home, it’s also the Construction Manager (CM) building your home. All our CMs have several years of experience in new home construction and remodeling. They continue to learn updated building practices and code requirements through industry classes provided by local builder associations, inspectors and engineers. Our CMs will only manage five to six homes at any time so they can be at your home and properly manage the construction of your home while communicating frequently with you.

Active Ownership

Steve Belknap, President and Graduate Master Builder, is an active owner. He trains and oversees our construction team. He is involved in the construction process of each home; from measuring foundation forms with Construction Managers, weekly reviews of each home’s progress, participating in homeowner walks, to conducting comprehensive Quality Assurance inspections. You are more likely to find Steve in a home under construction than in his office.

Communication and Homeowner Experience

Our greatest pride is our level of communication with each homeowner. Our CMs continually communicate with each homeowner during construction via phone calls, emails, texts and photos. We provide weekly updates during construction detailing the work that was completed and the expected work for the coming week. We believe that a positive experience throughout the construction of your home is as important as the construction of your home. We love to provide references of past homeowners as well as those currently in construction of their homes. We encourage you to visit with other homeowners about the construction of their home and their experience of building with American Tradition Custom Homes.

We look forward to the opportunity to visit with you about your dream of a custom home, addition or remodel.

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