The Design Process

Initial Consultation

Gathering information about your style and how you live. This is where we listen, what excites you and is important to you. We also will request to visit your home site as this can greatly determine some important parameters and costs of your home. What are your build lines? What kind of topography does your lot have? Do we have nearby creek beds or trees that we need to consider? We will also request information about your subdivision, if that applies. Is there a restricted height requirement or minimal size of home? Are there specific features the ACC requires or restricts?

First Rendering

Create a first draft of the floor plans. The floor plan determines how you live in your home. Is the kitchen big enough? Are there enough bedrooms and baths? Will the dining room be large enough for your table and hutch? Typically, there are many revision as we get it just right.

Exterior Elevations

Creating the exterior features of your home. Is it the style you were looking for? Are we blending some styles? Are there specific features you want incorporated into the exterior design?

Cabinets and Electrical

We design our standard cabinet layout for your home. We can incorporate specific elements you like into the cabinet design (banks of drawers, appliance garage, staggered elevations, linen cabinet in master bath on countertop). The lighting and outlets for your home is designed and reviewed to see if they meet your needs and code requirements.

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