Building Process

Lot Evaluation

The construction of your home starts with an evaluation of your property and how your home is suited for its location. Understanding your lot’s conditions and characteristics are vital to the construction of your home. We look at the topography of the lot, and if possible, will shoot grade with a laser level (heavily wooded lots can pose a challenge). We will gather information about access to water, electricity, gas and sewage. We’ll look for your build lines, easements and even fault lines on your property survey. We will identify what trees may need to be removed and which ones you want to keep. Ultimately the soil characteristics specific to your lot will determine the foundation for your home. We gather this information from the geoscience engineered soil test that is specific to your lot.

We will do a free lot evaluation for all interested homeowners. If you haven’t already purchased a lot, please ask to meet with one of our construction professionals to give you an evaluation of lots you may be interested in. Many lots have lower cost because they have issues like substantial slope, flood zones, fault lines and other restrictions that can cost more to correct than purchasing a different lot with a little higher upfront cost.

Design & Engineering

Once the soils test is received we submit it to our Texas licensed structural Professional Engineer (PE). They will design the foundation and frame engineering for your home. They determine the loads on your home and how they will be transfer to the foundation. By having a licensed engineered foundation and frame we are able to get a third-party insurance backed 10 year structural warranty. Feel free to ask us how our 10 year structural insurance back warranty compares to other non-insured warranties with longer durations.

Submitting to Architectural Control Committees/Permits

We will handle all the submission requirements to your City/County and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Any fees for ACC approval will be the responsibility of the homeowner but we will manage the application process. We provide a substantial permit allowance for all homes and will manage the permit process as well. Typically, we begin the submittal after we have received the engineering.

Start Construction

Once we have engineering, permits, ACC approval and funding we are ready to start construction. The typical process for new home construction is as follows:

Quality Checks Throughout

It is easy enough to write a general schedule of the construction process. However, the quality of a home consists of proper management with quality checks throughout the building process. Your Construction Manager is at your home frequently. We make sure that each home has the proper attention to catch any discrepancies early in each construction phase by having our Construction Managers limited to five or six homes at a time. We conduct an internal Quality Assurance inspection of each home to make sure they adhere to our high Standards. Additionally, we hire a third party code inspector to inspect our homes prior to foundation placement, at foundation pour, frame prior to sheetrock, after insulation is installed, and the completion of your home for both code and EnergyStar requirements. We happily provide all passed or correct and proceed inspection reports to homeowners. We’re proud to show our quality!

Partnership with Each Homeowner

We consider each homeowner a partner in the construction process. We highly value your input and communicate frequently. You’ll notice that your Construction Manager is an advocate for you to get the home you desire. We believe that a positive experience throughout the construction of your home is as important as the construction of your home. We look forward to the opportunity to visit with you about your dream of a custom home, addition or remodel. Please contact us at 936-446-7072 to set a time to meet.

Please contact us at 936-446-7072
to set a time to meet.